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Do you need accountability in order to improve your health and fitness?

Are you looking to drop some body fat and tone up?

Have you ‘yo-yo’ dieted for years, losing weight and gaining it back within a few weeks?

Do you want to learn the tools needed to get in shape and maintain it long-term?

Then I am the coach for you. I will design a program to help you look and feel amazing while improving your relationship with food, sleep, exercise and the weighing scales. When working with me, I will help you to fit exercise into your lifestyle and not fit your life into exercise. Exercising should be about enjoyment and improving your overall health and fitness. Exercise shouldn’t be viewed as a way of burning off the calories you ate in the pizza last night. Exercise shouldn’t be viewed as a punishment for eating your favourite foods. Working with me will help you to improve your relationship with food and exercise, whilst learning to enjoy your favourite foods in moderation.


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Hi, I'm Conor Shaw, a certified personal trainer with a focus on sustainable fat loss. I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their dream body. Everyone has the potential to improve their health and fitness. I believe in simple and sustainable exercise that you can stick to long-term. I've helped countless clients transform their lives. When you train with me, you get more than just workouts; you get accountability and a coach who is committed to your success.


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